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Choosing Right Social Media Platforms For Yourself Or Your Business


Facebook has nearly 2 million monthly active users who come from diverse backgrounds. There is also a nice balance of genders and age groups when it comes to Facebook’s user-base. This makes it a great social platform for businesses that are trying to reach a wider audience.


Instagram is a great social media channel for brands that create a lot of visual content. Instagram’s audience tends to be on the younger side with more female users than male users. This can be a great platform for businesses selling products or services related to fashion, lifestyle, art, or other visual-focused industries.


Twitter has 328 million active users worldwide and tends to be where users go for news and trends. This platform is ideal for brands that want to join a conversation about trending topics in their industry. It’s also a great place to share content with influencers and other individuals who might find your brand valuable.


LinkedIn is the social media platform for B2B brands that are targeting businesses in different industries. With LinkedIn, you can find, interact, and share content with people based on the company type, industry, or job title.

You Tube

has become the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. You can upload your video content to this channel to help engage and connect with your audience. With unlimited video hosting, your business can post as much video content as you want and share through other channels.


Pinterest is another great channel for sharing image-focused content. This has become a must for consumers who are interested in DIY, crafts, home improvement, nutrition, fitness, fashion, and more. If your brand sells a product or service that lends well to imagery, then Pinterest may be worthwhile.

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Social Media

Social Media Management (SMM)

SMM is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.


Knowing what is social media management and why it’s important is only half the battle. Now, you have to put that knowledge to use and start making decisions about your company’s social media management.

For many small businesses, there just isn’t enough time or resources to dedicate to effective social media management. Posting quality content consistently takes a lot of time and effort that some small business marketing teams just don’t have. Not to mention, you may not have anyone on your team with the expertise or skills needed to implement effective campaigns.

This is where a social media management company comes in. A SMM company like DigiCraft360 helps supplement your digital marketing efforts by providing expert social media services. Not only do we have the time to dedicate to implementing your campaigns, but we also have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that your social media efforts are a success.

Few tasks involved in managing social media:

  • Social Listening & Real-Time Monitoring
  • Social Contest Dev & Deployment
  • SM Measurement & Optimization
  • Paid advt campaigns on social networks

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Social Management


We post daily in all your social a/c's Fb, Tw, Insta, Google+ for 30 days

  • Helps In Constant Online Presence
  • Helps In Building Customer Base
  • Helps In Raising Awareness & Brand Value
  • Helps In Generating Sales Leads
  • Plus Much More, With Confidentiality Assured
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SMM For Public Figures

Rs50000.00/Month Onwards

If You Are A Public Figure, Head Of An Org'n Or Aspiring To Be One, This Package is Must For You

  • Ensure Constant & +Ve Online Presence
  • Regular Postings From Fb, Tw, Insta..
  • Write, Publish +ve Articles / Stories & Reviews
  • Manage 3rd Party Mentions About You
  • Build & Spread Your Brand Value
  • Exponentially Increase Your Likes & Following
  • Significant & Perceptible Increase In Your Popularity
  • Plus Much More, With Confidentiality Assured
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SMM For MSME's & Corporates

Rs50000.00/Month Onwards

If You Are A Small Company, MSME, Corporate Or A Company On Upcurve, This Package is Meant For You

  • Ensure Constant & +ve Online Presence
  • Regular Postings From Fb, Tw, Insta..
  • Write & Publish +ve Articles, Stories, Reviews
  • Manage 3rd Party Mentions Of Products / Services
  • Build & Spread Positive Brand Value
  • Counter Bad Publicity, Manage Reputation
  • Exponentially Increase Likes & Followings
  • Ensure Perceptible Increase In Popularity
  • Plus Much More, With Confidentiality Assured
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Email Marketing

An effective way to maintain a consistent relationship with your existing & potential clients & build brand loyalty & trust while increasing sales & conversions


Online PR

Public Relations play a vital role in marketing your brand, increase visibility, boost website traffic, increase sales leads & ultimately profitability


Search Engine Optimization

SEO in the real sense in not to bring more traffic to your site, but to help users who are looking for your information find you i.e. targeted traffic


Lead Generation

While we provide ‘Ready to Purchase Sales Opportunities’ for targeted & qualified leads, our focus remains to develop lead generation strategy for long run


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing utilizes different social media channels to connect with new leads and build loyalty with your current and future client base.


Paid Advt & PPC

Easiest way to bring traffic & generate business is through Paid Advt & PPC. However, if not done cautiously, it could lead to budgets getting burned up without returns


Reputation Management

80% of all consumers are influenced in some way by what is said online. Online reputation is the most vital aspect in growing your business effectively.


Content Management

We are dreamers who weave legendary stories for you to spread. We are socializers who know how to spread a word about your brand or even you.


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